Carpet Care

Professional carpet care is an important element to consider when selecting a commercial facility service provider. Carpet comes in a variety of fiber types for countless application in the interior of the building including the building entrance, vestibule, lobby, hallway, office, elevator, eating area, meeting room, and much more. Proper cleaning and maintenance of carpeted area removes buildup of soils, dust, dust mites, pollen, and mold that can become trapped in carpet as well as outdoor contaminates tracked into the building. Professional carpet care not only helps maintain a clean interior space by preventing soil transfer to other areas of the building, it also helps to improve indoor air quality and enhances the aesthetic qualities of the space.

For carpet cleaning, we offer a truck–mounted hot water extraction system that can heat water up to 250 degrees with up to 15 pounds of powerful suction. This helps to disinfect the carpet as well as improve drying time. We also offer a powerful, portable water extraction system and exceptional encapsulation cleaning service for environments where water extraction is not recommended.

Our carpet cleaning improves indoor air–quality, as well as the aesthetic qualities of the space.